Aden Microfinance Foundation

Aden Microfinance Foundation

 About AMF:

 Establishment in 22 nd June 2005 by the Social Fund for Development SFD as a not for profit NGO with a legal independent identity organized by the NGO law. The foundation provides loans for investments to individuals and groups in the form of cash or the purchase of product system as well as home repair service and interdependence.



 As a microfinance institution aspire to alleviate poverty and achieve sustainable development for low-income



AMF aims at improving the living standards of limited-income clients, particularly women, through providing them with distinguished financial and non-financial services in the Yemeni rural and urban areas


 Strategic Goals:

 1-      Offering suitable loans that meet the needs of the clients and help them in developing their projects.

2-       Outreach and expansion to reach the targeted number of client’s in the rural and urban areas.

3-      Reinforcing the woman’s role in the society economically and socially.

 4-      Reaching sustainability and getting various sources of funds.

 5-      Participation in developing the microfinance industry in Yemen.



 ·         AMF obtained a 2009 Award Certificate for reporting on social indicators to MIX.

 ·         The manager of Dar Sa’ad branch Nagwa Moh’d Fadhel obtained a SANABEL scholarship to attend a Conference in  Lebanon in May 2009.

 ·         AMF participated at a competitive level in the project of the social performance management which is organized by SANABEL, and received SANABEL social audit team.


Small and Micro Enterprise Development Unit

Republic of Yemen

Social Fund for Development

Sixty street,Faj attan, Sana'a,Yemen

Tel :967-1-449669

Fax : 967-1-499670


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