Al-Awael Microfinance Company

Al-Awael Microfinance Company

 About Alawael MF:

The Alawael Microfinance Company is the legal diversity of the development of Small Projects & Handicrafts (MICRO START) which is one of the activities of the United Nations Development Programme in Yemen. Al-Awael was established in the Year of 2000 in coordination with the Ministry of Labour & Welfare and funded by the UNDP and SFD. In 2004 it formed and registered itself as a company. The company targets male and female small business owners. The products offered by Al-Awael are individual loans for males and females, group loans for females and loans for starting up a small business as well as consumption loans.



To become a leading company in fighting poverty and unemployment through the provision of diversified financial services to meet the needs of our targeted group.



The raise of production capacity and income of the small projects owners especially the women in the Governorate of Taiz and the surrounding regions through lending long term services to comply with their needs and to become small FINANCING Company with financial stability.


Small and Micro Enterprise Development Unit

Republic of Yemen

Social Fund for Development

Sixty street,Faj attan, Sana'a,Yemen

Tel :967-1-449669

Fax : 967-1-499670


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