Yemen Loan Guarantee Program

Yemen Loan Guarantee Program

About YLG:

Established in 2017, the Yemen Loan Guarantee Program (YLG)  is a not-for-profit guarantee provider, aiming to increase the facilitation of credit to enterprise owners for growth and expansion. The YLG provides guarantee products and services to Micro, small and medium enterprise borrowers on loans made by a lender (banks and microfinance institutions MFIs). The expectation is that the banking community will be able to serve a larger number of Micro, small and medium enterprises, which will create jobs and expand the local economy.



Improved financial inclusion for target segments leading to better standards of living in Yemen.



Facilitate financial access for target segments through the provision of guarantees products and services to those with insufficient collateral.


Strategic Goals :

1.        Improve the target segments’ economic status.

2.        Support the expansion and growth of the small and microfinance sector.

3.        Pioneer a guarantee experience for MSMEs based on international best practices and innovative principles.

4.        Establish a more trust-based credit culture in the small and microfinance sector.


YLG website:

Small and Micro Enterprise Development Unit

Republic of Yemen

Social Fund for Development

Sixty street,Faj attan, Sana'a,Yemen

Tel :967-1-449669

Fax : 967-1-499670


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