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National Microfinance Foundation

National Microfinance Foundation


 Achieving a decent life for the Yemeni family by meeting their financial needs.


 The message

 Improve the standard of living of the poor and low-income people, especially women and youth, by providing effective and sustainable diversified financial and non-financial services to provide employment opportunities and meet all needs of urban and rural clients.


 Atrategic goals

ü  Providing different and effective financial services to target groups such as (loans - savings - insurance - transfers).

ü  Expand and spread throughout rural areas.

ü  Making the institution financially sustainable and independent, and able to access various financial resources.

ü  Encourage and support borrowers to establish profitable activities for self-reliance.

ü  Raising solidarity among members of society. 

ü  Promote social and economic growth across rural and urban areas through the involvement of women.




Address: Sana'a

Phone: +967 01 440551

وحدة تنمية المنشآت الصغيره والأصغر

الجمهورية اليمنية 

 الصندوق الإجتماعي للتنمية 

صنعاء- شارع الستين - فج عطان

ت : 669 449 1 00967 

ف : 670 449 1 00967 


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