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Yemen Microfinance Network

Yemen Microfinance Network


Microfinance opportunities & services for all low-income Yemenis.



To build a solid platform for responsible microfinance and which empowers our members to respond to the needs of low-income Yemenis.


Strategic Goals

1.      To remain responsive, participatory and recognized influencer in the Sector.

2.      To build the capacity of our members to better respond to the needs of targeted groups.

3.      To sustain a platform for the development and exchange of information for all industry stakeholders.

4.      To advocate sector needs and its members’ issues.



1.      YMN’s membership is guided by members.

2.      Commitment to best practices.

3.      Transparency.

4.      Accountability.

5.      Equity.

6.      Responsibility towards their clients.

7.      Commitment to poverty reduction and financial client protection.



Address: Sana'a

Phone: +967 01 265870



وحدة تنمية المنشآت الصغيره والأصغر

الجمهورية اليمنية 

 الصندوق الإجتماعي للتنمية 

صنعاء- شارع الستين - فج عطان

ت : 669 449 1 00967 

ف : 670 449 1 00967 


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