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Themar Microfinance Foundation

Themar Microfinance Foundation


An institution that grows with confidence and stability and contributes to the provision of appropriate and flexible financing products for urban and rural target groups.



We are Themar Foundation seek to improve living conditions by providing appropriate and flexible financing products through qualified and developed resources and by applying the best practices in microfinance to all target groups of low-income and economic activists and continuous development to meeting their needs and requirements within the target geographical range.



1-      Customer first.

2-      Integrity.

3-      Trust.

4-      Credibility.

5-      Loyalty.

6-      Social Responsibility.

7-      Transparency.


Strategic Goals

1-      Providing appropriate and flexible financial products adapted to the different and growing needs of the target group depends on constructive communication with them and continuous review of their requirements.

2-      Employing modern technologies to continuously improve the financial products provided to the target group in terms of efficiency and cost.

3-      Invest in human and organizational capital by offering training and career advancement opportunities.

4-      Start and continue to achieve outstanding financial results and work on the prudent management of administrative costs related to the organization's operations.

5-      Building partnerships and spreading the culture of microfinance. 




Address: Sana'a

Phone: +967 04 221171/2 



وحدة تنمية المنشآت الصغيره والأصغر

الجمهورية اليمنية 

 الصندوق الإجتماعي للتنمية 

صنعاء- شارع الستين - فج عطان

ت : 669 449 1 00967 

ف : 670 449 1 00967 


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