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Ahlam works in agriculture. The farmer used to cultivate khat, but as a result of the price increase she thought of an agricultural project

Another as planting vegetables and greenhouses. She had no liquidity to fund her project.




The farmer needed to finance the agricultural houses project. The program adopted the project and bought the protected house and began to cultivate the land.




"I wanted to start this project a long time ago, but I did not know there were such institutions to finance projects. Had I known that, I would now have 7-10 protected houses."




The farmer has seven workers (five workers and two workers) who are pruning, caring for plants and harvesting the crop.




For example, in a protected house, diesel is used to irrigate the crops for at least 25 days, but in conventional agriculture, diesel is consumed within an hour and needs to be repeated every week, "the farmer explained.




For the products: Cultivate the cultivation of tomato dreams if the variety is healthy and free of diseases, the productivity is about 15-20 large basket per week.




"The Azal program cooperates extensively with farmers and provides them with advice and advice for the success of their agricultural projects," said Ahlam. I have dealt with many funding institutions, but I have not found any examples in their superior treatment, ethics and cooperation. "

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