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success story

Fatima Baahsan

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Fatima Mohammed, one of the beneficiaries of the program of the Union of Microfinance of the population

of the Directorate of Dar Saad, took the funding of the program (500,000 riyals) five hundred thousand riyals

for two years funding investment in the field of significance and changed the life of aunt Fatima after she was difficult and ten dependents and her husband did not Can work.


She had a bright glimmer of hope in her life, and the work began to generate steady and stable income and improved her livelihood. She secured the income of nearly 40% of the benefits. Her business flourished. But the war came with her nightmares and her life was like fire. The branch, by its moderate steps, was judging by events and sharing its effort over time. The wound of the cave bleeding and we find in each letter uttered and every soul Tzfrh name martyr Atsel nine brothers brethren and crutches of her life missed her and let her back left suffering suffering tears of liver and horrors accompanied by a sick husband and three sons, one of them infected and six girls look at her eyes have blinded others, Mother and Father and the Lost Son.


His coexistence with her days with a hollow heart has left him with a lot of sorrows. He fled to the corners of the corners to shed tears, the aunt of Fatima, after the connotation known throughout the house of Saad, the war was consumed by the ugliest image, she asked patience for her .. and struggled to get back as she could not, .


 The Union's microfinance program, with the support of the Social Fund for Development (SFD), suffered from its suffering and took its hand to restore its laughter to stand again. This was mainly the start of the new fund, which was financed by materials such as cloths and accessories and cosmetics with a sum of two hundred and fifty thousand riyals. Fatima restored her activity in significance, and the steps were painted again to reflect her life.


Small and Micro Enterprise Development Unit

Republic of Yemen

Social Fund for Development

Sixty street,Faj attan, Sana'a,Yemen

Tel :967-1-449669

Fax : 967-1-499670


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