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Success stories

success story

Mohamed Alradmani

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Mohammed Al-Redmani works in the field of healthy water Customer opened Mohammed Al-Redmani water station in 2015

Where I need funding to develop a healthy water filling station project, I mean the Azal Microfinance Program. The program adopted the development of the project and disbursed several funds in successive periods and now it renewed and took funding for the third time.




Mohammed was able to develop and expand the project where the customer purchased a large truck and expanded through the distribution. Where he produced 5 liters of water bottles up to 2000-3000 bottles a day and produced 5000-7000 bottles of one and a half liters and 500-700 small bottles a day.




When Mohammed started the project he had 3 workers, and when he took the funding and expanded the work, the number of workers increased to 8 workers.




"When I took the first financing, it took about two weeks to complete all the procedures and transactions, and because I was committed to paying on time, the renewal was easier and the second and third funding took less time and procedures than before without any delay.




The client benefited a lot from financing. Financing supports small projects and improves the income of the individual and it is important to pay and fulfill all obligations on time.




Mohammed aspires to receive funding of 4-5 million riyals to increase production between 10,000 and 15,000 bottles a day.

Small and Micro Enterprise Development Unit

Republic of Yemen

Social Fund for Development

Sixty street,Faj attan, Sana'a,Yemen

Tel :967-1-449669

Fax : 967-1-499670


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